• House of innovators working space

    Reference Number: SN4838
  • Description

    Working space is more than providing a chair and desk. It should be inspiring, fresh, motivating and relaxing.

    Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub considered all elements required for creative and design thinking carefully and when you start working here, you'll realize how much the environment can improve your problem-solving skills and also you will receive in-house support and advice from the experts in the areas of creativity, start-up and innovation.

    We love challenges and if you have a team, with the help of your team and ours, we will be able to solve problems by design thinking methodology and we tried our best to make an environment to serve the best for this purpose.

    Don't spend your precious time and resources on co-working spaces which look at it like a normal day to day business and only provide basic requirements for a micro-business.

    Here in our Hub, you can make your own prototype in-house and as you know, prototyping is the best way of communication and receiving feedback.

    You will also be entitled to attend our events and many more activities to enhance your business skills.

  • Posted by: entrinnov
  • Category: Office/co-working
  • Size(sqm): 60
  • Address:
    Unit 46, Level 1, 45 Riversdale Rd. Hawthorn VIC 3122
  • Suburb:
  • State: Victoria (VIC)
  • Post Code:
  • Term: Hourly
  • Cost Per Term: (AUD$ Ex. GST) 10 / Hourly
  • Available From: 28/02/2017
  • Available To:
  • Amenities: Kitchen, Parking, WiFi, Natural Light
  • Other Amenities:
  • Suitable For: Events, Co-working space, Training
  • Other Purpose: Graphic designer, Writers, Financial Adviser, Trainer, Student
  • Contact Email: info@entrinnovhub.com.au
  • Contact Name: Armin
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